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A large catalogue of Hobby brands,


A large catalogue and many models to choose from, to make your collection unique: this is an important asset for a company that wants to promote modeling all over the world . A product range comprising many mod man, we are always adding new products, to attracting more and more modelers to this limitless hobby. From accurate models of 1/72 scale airplanes, to large 1/32 scale ships,our selection put no bounds to your creativity. Our love for this hobby gives us a continuous stream of ideas to interest modelers.

Our priority for quality, to make modeling a fun and rewarding hobby for our customers. All our product line.


Hight quality is our priority,


To make modeling a fun and rewarding hobby for our customers. All of our product lines feature:


high quality plastics to warrant easy assembling;

most kits have photoengraved details to enhance drybrushing and weathering effects, making your models looking as realistic as possible;

great care in assembly instructions and historical documentation. Reference Manuals (PRM), unique guides including detailed information, photographs of the vehicle in action, zoomed details for accurate historical reproduction, excerpts from the original technical manuals, and especially different versions and paint schemes of the vehicles. A great help for both the novice and the experienced modeler.

Accurate details, with many kits having resin or photoengraved parts, enhancing the realism of the model.


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